VMware CloudCred – The new geek’s playground

logo1_thumb.pngFrom time to time I find myself hooked to a new online service, game or a technology. It’s been a while since I played a serious game (My good old Red Alert 3 retired) and I’m not a big fan of Facebook games.

CloudCred is a new service released by VMware or more like a cloud computing playground.

You can register to this service for free and start covering all kinds of cloud computing and technical tasks in order to gain points – both as an individual and as a team member.

At the moment there are 20 tasks categories like Tech Storage, Tech Cloud, Lab, Engagements, Sharing, etc.

Each one of the categories includes lots of various tasks like “Get featured as a blogger on VMUG Voice”, “Share a script or an application that controls virtualization or cloud with the IT community” or some fun and jaunty tasks like “Get a photo with a vExpert”.

There are 3 task types: Individual tasks, team tasks and challenges. For each tasks you complete successfully you get points for yourself and for your team.


The question is “What the hell I am going to do with all the points I’ve collected?!”

The more points you earn the more chance you have to get “badged” and VMware handing out all sorts of rewards starting from T-shirts and “I love VMware” stickers all the way to a vExpert invite, VMUG Advantage subscription and an amazing trip to the next VMworld in Barcelona.

Besides the rewards you can discover a lot of useful information, whitepapers and recognition from the community but let’s not pretend – we want a VMware umbrella Wink

So, gather your IT friends and customers, create or choose a team and start kicking other “Creds” ass.



  1. Would be nice to convert points for existing users on VMTN forum since thats where all our support and evangelizing took place.

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