vExpert, cause SHARING is CARING

WoChalkboardw, 3rd year in a row being honored with the vExpert award!

The vCommunity is such a beautiful thing and for me personally it has opened several career and personal opportunities in this past 3 years.

What I love the most about the virtualization community is the personal relationships it forms and the privilege to share my personal technical experience with others.

For us vGeeks there are so many challenges we have to deal with on a daily basis; customers, training and certifications, new technologies and so much more.

Big thanks goes once gain to Corey Romero and people running this grate program at VMware.

Also, I want to thank all of those who has crossed paths with me and for all my future vPeeps, come find me on Twitter at @LiorKamrat so we can all share some funky ideas.

And remember…



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