As you might have noticed, I’m writing quite a bit around vROps. The good news are that I am not the only one doing so.

vCenter Operations Manager grew to become a major player in managing and monitoring cloud. VMware allocates a lot of resources to its cloud management stack!

Books are beginning to see daylight, bloggers are doing a good job of spreading the word and Twitter filled with vCOps hashtags.

All of the above got me thinking, so I want to share with you my vCOps online resources page. I’ll do my best to keep it up to date as much as possible and if you have a resource you would like me to add, just contact me.


VMware Official Blog – VMware Cloud Management

Blue Medora vRealize Operations Management Packs

vXpress vCOps Page (Sunny Dua, vXpress)

vCenter Operations Manager – The GEO Dashboard Widget (Eric Sloof, NTPRO.NL)

vC Ops: Building a Dashboard Based on Super Metrics (Frank Brix ,VFRANK)

Installing vCloud Adapter for vCenter Operations Manager (Alan Renouf, Virtua-AI.Net)

Birk Bohne Monitoring Page (Brik Bohne, batchwork)

Virtulise Me vCOps Page (Scott Norris, Virtulise Me)

VCOPS: Super Metrics, get them right! (Bouke Groenescheij, Verious)

“How to with the cloud?” vCOps Page (A lot of good German guys) – This one is in German but there is always Google Translate Wink 

PKGuild vCOps Page (Christopher Kusek, PKGuild)


SCOM or vCOPs? VMware says: “Both!” (Byron Schaller, VBYRON.COM)

Videos Training

VMware vCenter Operations Page (VMware Learning)

YouTube Videos

VMware vCenter Operations Manager Implementation (Jason Nash, pluralsight)


VMware vCenter Operations Manager Essentials (Lauren Malhoit)

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