VCDX – Who should I say “Thank you!”?

After my first unsuccessful VCDX attempt in last October and during these past 10 months, I worked my ass off on being successful. The thing is that although I was the one defending, I had an incredible support system and for those who were part of it I should and want to express my gratitude.

My Wife
Irena, my incredibly supportive wife. I said this many times before and I’ll say it again – If you are married, do not start your VCDX journey before seating with your wife and explain to her how long and hard this journey is. Irena was there all along, days and nights and all the weekends. From the days of studying to the VCAP-DCA/DCD certs, documents writing and throughout two defenses preparation cycles! Thank you baby for all of your understanding and for not kicking me out 🙂

Gregg Robertson
My “Menty”. Gregg was part of this process from even before he was able to achieve his VCDX (#205). I can’t even stress this enough how important it is to find a good and dedicated mentor. Brainstorming sessions and mocks, exchanging ideas via Twitter and Skype and tons of mental support – Gregg was there for me whenever I needed him to be and for that, I would like to thank you mate, you are a freaking vRockstar to me!

The “Comdivision Mafia”
Part of my second shot process changes is to challenge myself on an all different level. For those of you who are currently prepping for your defense I will say this, if the mocks are too easy for you or you feeling you are not covering much ground, something is not right.
For me, I needed to face my fears and work with some nasty mock panelists this time around. I reached out to both Yves Sandfort (VCDX #203) and Jens Hennig (VCDX #196) from the Comdivision group and asked them to be my mocks panelists. Partnering with them was one of the best prep decisions I made as they were very hard on me during the mocks, presenting hard questions which made go back and forward. You did an incredible job and for that, I would like to thank you!
Another member from Comdivision which helped me a lot with challenging me on my Resource Pools design is Matthias Eisner. Thank you my friend, for all of those sessions, they were very valuable to me.

The vCommunity
We are all part of it, we all read and write blog posts, checking Twitter feeds, VMUGs, conventions and so much more. The amount of support I got from you guys (and few ladies out there :-)) was absolutely incredible.

After I got the news last Friday my twitter account just exploded with so many congratulations messages and for that, I want to thank you all, I said this before and I will say it again – you are awesome!!!


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