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VCDX Attempt, Strike One - Part 3 | I'm All vIRTUAL

VCDX Attempt, Strike One – Part 3

After I talked a bit about family and friends support and shared with you some of my prep time management experience, I would like to share with you few more tips that helped me.
Before talking about those, since my previous post things had changed with the VCDX certification layout. You probably know this by now but if you don’t you should read the “2016 VCDX Defense Improvements” post by Chris Colotti.
Chris also wrote a post around his thoughts regarding the troubleshooting scenario removal. I totally agree with this move and I recommend you read the post.
Now, that I don’t have to worry about doing a 30min of troubleshooting scenario, I can also change a bit what I thought my second shot time management will look like. Here is how I think it will look like:
11-4-2015 2-38-08 PM
Am I talking to myself?!
Hands down, one of the best decisions I’ve made at the beginning of the process was buying the Philips DVT1400 with Digital Voice Tracer. Every random thought, design decision, requirement, constraint, assumption or risk around the design went straight to the device. During the defense prep, I’ve also recorded some things that I wanted to mention and some crucial discussion points.
This voice tracer was my best friend and I used to go EVERYWHERE with it but be aware, people (and my wife) will think you are crazy person talking to yourself 🙂
11-4-2015 1-21-13 PM
Brain Dump
The easiest thing after finishing a VCDX defense is to fall apart which is obviously well understood. The thing about VCDX defense is that you automatically remember all the things you think went wrong without any of the good ones. Well, nothing you can do about it, it’s just the way the human brain works BUT you can also leverage such a situation.
After the defense has ended, your moderator will escort you outside the room and at that point you will have a lot going on within you, I felt confused, relieved, tired, happy and had a strange feeling.
If there is one tip I can give, is don’t fall apart just yet. Stay focused on doing a “brain dump”. You will not know if you passed or not so just in case you fail it will be good to remember the things you think you need to fix or improve for your second shot.
When I entered the taxi and in the next 3 days after the defense, I put every random thought I had in Evernote or in my voice tracer.  So to summarize, perform brain dump and don’t fall apart – you will have plenty of time to do that after 🙂
Don’t be a baby, say congrats and move on!
You didn’t make the cut, yeah I know that sucks, BUT there are others who succeeded where you had failed. All I can say is be a gentleman, congratulate your fellow vCommunity friends on their success and move on.
When I got Karl’s email I was heart broken but that didn’t stop me from Skyping both Gregg and Sam and be happy for them!
big boys don't cry
Before wrapping this one out, I would also like recommend you reading Rene Van Den Bedem’s “VCDX – I FAILED, now what?” post. If you are in the VCDX process you probebly already familier with Rene’s work around VCDX but if you’re not – you should be!
I hope you’ve enjoyed this 3-part series, for me it was part of the healing process and a way to get back on my feet and start preparing for my second VCDX shot.

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