Use Zapier to manage our favorite tweets (but not just)

Twitter is a powerful platform, we all know that. The biggest challenge I have with it is how to keep track the tweets I “Like”. Since I am also an Evernote kinda guy, I thought it might be a good idea to do some Twitter/Evernote automation magic using Zapier to help me out.

I am a big automation fan, I can never get enough. Although I am not considering myself as the Master Splinter of automation, I enjoy educate myself on it and explore new tools that can make my personal and professional life a bit easier. I use Twitter all the time and I use the “Like” button for tweets that I might want to review later.

For this post, I am assuming you know what Twitter and Evernote are (if not, please get off my class) but let’s talk about Zapier for a second here. Zapier connects your favorite apps, automate tasks, and helps you get work done faster.

Need to start a timer, create a project, send a message, run a meeting, increment a counter, or do any other repetitive task? Just create a Zapier integration to do that task with Push by Zapier, and start the automated workflow with just 2 clicks in Chrome. You can either just push a button to start an integration, or can type in text to send it along with your integration. Personally, I really like this sentence from their about page:

“We’re just some humans who think computers should do more work. Join us!”

Let’s get to work with opening a “Free Plan” Zapier account using the sign-up page:


Now, the entire purpose of this post is to show you how to create a workflow (or a “ZAP”) which will capture every tweet I like and make an Evernote note of it. This is a very simple use case which can be extend using other Zapier applications integration. Let’s start create the ZAP.


The process is fairly straight forward. You name your ZAP, select the application which will trigger the workflow and the trigger itself.
In our case, the Twitter app will initiate the trigger which will be the “Like” and Evernote will initiate the action which will be creating the Evernote note. First, you need to connect your Twitter account to Zapier. Choose Twitter as the trigger app and then the “Liked Tweet” as the trigger.




Next, we need to authorize Zapier to use our Twitter account.







Once you finished with adding your Twitter account, you can do a quick test and view your tweet. Make sure you actually have “Liked” a tweet recently.



OK, so now that we have the trigger all set up, let’s move on by creating an action. Select Evernote as the action app and choose to create a note.


Like we did with the Twitter app, we also need to authorize Evernote.





In order to set up how the note will look like, 3 mandatory fields and few more optional ones need to be addressed. For my tweets, I have created an Evernote notebook called “Favorite Tweets”. For the Title and the Content, just open the drop-down menu and select whatever you see fit. For me, it only makes sense to go with “Test” for both of them. You can jump to the end of this post and see how the note will look like.




The last thing to do is to name your ZAP.

21You are done, go to Evernote, select your notebook and review all your favorite tweets.


You can review and edit your ZAP under the “My Zaps” menu.


22This was just an example of what you can do with this awesome automation tool. I don’t know what about you but for me, it kinda reminds me the “Incredible Machine” I used to play on my 486 PC. Play with it, make cool Zaps and don’t forget to share.


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