My thoughts on VCDX Cert Price Announcements

A lot was going on in the past few days in the vCommunity with regards to the VCDX certification price increasing from 1200$ to 3995$. I mean, Twitter and Slack was all over the place, people bashing each other (and VMware for that manner) and what not.

First thing first this needs to be said. I have a lot of respect to the VCDX program, the people who run it, the ones that evangelize it and the panelists. I wrote on my own experience many times, the journey has given me a lot and I have personal relationships with a lot of panelists, mentors and candidates.

As someone who paid for two defense panels, I think I have the right to speak my mind on the subject J. Besides the actual price changed which got me thinking, I saw Chris’ post around professional development. Yeah, I can totally relate and could not agree more that you should invest in yourself and in the world we are living in those things costs money BUT I also think that this price-jump is disproportionate.

Before explaining my thoughts on this disproportionately, I also wanted to take a minute and think about Karl Childs tweet here:

Many said this before and I do agree with the statement that the VCDX certification is unknown to the people that MUST know what it’s all about. Recruiters all over the world hardly know what it is and what it stands for which is not the case for the “same kinda-level certs” from other vendors. Ask the same recruiter if he knows AWS certs and you will be surprised.

Karl, I think it’s only fair for you guys to better explain that statement if you want people to think almost 300% price increase makes sense. I mean, what if:

  • You will provide some sort of breakdown on what’s in the VCDX program roadmap and future? Maybe this will help people to better understand if it’s still relevant to them.
  • Give (much!) better feedback to failed candidates. With that price-jump, I would expect something else, something which will not make failed candidates to go crazy on their monitor when they see it.
  • What are the plans in terms of working with the “industry”? This is unclear to me and I think many of us are trying to better understand.

I think it’s fair to increase the value of the cert in terms of perception before increasing it’s $ value.

Logistically speaking, I know panelists are spending their own personal time, VMware has to bring them over to run the defenses and some other stuff needs to be taken care of but I would expect VMware to take the hit (well, most of it) and not jump that high at one shot.

Which brings me to disproportionately. Of course, I don’t have all the details, facts and numbers but what I do know is that we are looking at a total cost of 5000$ to 7000$, roughly (and perhaps even more) for non-US, non-VMware Certified candidates. Call me crazy but that’s close to two years’ worth of Israeli university bachelor’s degree.

With that being said, I hope this program will continue to rise and prosper. I do believe in the team but I am also part of the common people. Although I already got mine, this cert now is less affordable – simple as that!

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  1. I am from the UK and at an average of two attempts, I’d be looking at $8k for the cert plus likely travell to the US – making the VCDX a $10-12k journey … Now with children I am unable to justify it – despite Chris C. saying that you don’t want it bad enough if you can’t pay for it.

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