Mesosphere DCOS, Azure, Docker, VMware & Everything Between – Part 2

20/05/2017 Lior Kamrat 1

In part 2 of this series, we will start dive into DC/OS 1.9 installation on top of vSphere. Mesosphere offers few ways to deploy a fully working cluster and since I wanted to see how everything is really connected, I have chosen the advanced installation method. We will start with some Linux related adjustments and the docker engine deployment.

Mesosphere DCOS, Azure, Docker, VMware & Everything Between – Part 1

19/05/2017 Lior Kamrat 0

These days, I try to be involved in any Containers, DevOps, Automation, etc. related discussion. Part of my role is to consult my customers around how to architect their containers platform and orchestration tools in Azure. But what happens when you have a chance to do something cool like architecting a solution which involves Mesosphere DC/OS, Azure Container Service, Azure Container Registry, Docker and VMware vSphere?! Let’s find out…

2015 is over, now what?! Azure time!

23/12/2015 Lior Kamrat 1

WOW, 2015 is finally over and what a year it was! Saying this was probably the hardest year in my career will be an understatement. They say that without knowing your past you don’t know where you are going… so let’s recap. I’ve started the year as a member of VMware’s Professional Services. Had lot’s of fun, met great friends and eventually decided to move on. The next stop was Amdocs where I started as a Principal Cloud Architect – we will get back to that in a minute. Between VMware and Amdocs there was a little thing called VCDX. No doubt, that took the best of me but the work is not over yet as my [Read More]

CloudPhysics Knowledge Base Advisor – no more playing catch with KB’s

03/08/2013 Lior Kamrat 0

A few months ago, I got familiar with the brilliant job the folks at CloudPhysics are doing. Knowledge Base Advisor is the latest new feature which will analyze your environment for potential risks and hazards. In large, hybrid and complex environments with lots of components and different hardware vendors to deal with, one of the most important things is to get eyes on all things. But what if the environment is too large for one set of eyes?!

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