vCloud OvDC Admin vCOps Custom Dashboard – Part 3

22/04/2014 Lior Kamrat 0

In the second part of this series we’ve created the Virtual Machine Super Metrics needed for the OvDC Admin Custom Dashboard. The rest of the Super Metrics we are about to create in this part, are the ones related to vCloud Resource Kinds and will focus on calculating metrics while taking Resource Kind hierarchy into account.

vCloud OvDC Admin vCOps Custom Dashboard – Part 2

14/04/2014 Lior Kamrat 0

In the first part for this series we’ve installed and configured vCloud adapter for vC Ops. The OvDC Admin Custom Dashboard includes many elements related to one another which are mostly rely on Super Metrics. In this post we will create the Virtual Machine related Super Metrics.

vCloud OvDC Admin vCOps Custom Dashboard – Part 1

08/04/2014 Lior Kamrat 0

vCloud Director is defiantly one of my favorites. It has lots of use cases, accessible API for orchestration and once you get all the different network concepts you are pretty much good to go, but how do you manage all of it in an efficient manner? The one thing I was always missing was a comprehensive monitoring for it, especially on the Organization Virtual Datacenter (OvDC) level. Luckily, I got vC Ops on my side!