vROps & Oracle Monitoring Soup by Blue Medora

By now many of you have heard of Blue Medora, a VMware partner and creator of platform extensions (a.k.a., management packs) for vROps. One of Blue Medora’s newest offerings is the vROps Management Pack for Oracle Database.

By: Ember DeBoer, Blue Medora

This extension rounds out the “data-tier” inside Blue Medora’s branded True Visibility Suite for vRealize Operations, which also includes solutions for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, and SAP HANA.

Oracle Database Compatibility

If Oracle Database is a part of your organization’s current DBMS strategy, the Management Pack likely has you covered from a compatibility standpoint. Here are the specs:


  • Oracle 11g and 12c (Standard and Enterprise editions)
  • Oracle Cloud Database
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • SSL

Oracle Database Objects, Relationships, and the Virtual Layer

The Management Pack connects to each Oracle instance via JDBC Thin Driver, collecting database object (i.e., instance, database, tablespace, and query) and relationship information as well as health and availability metrics about that Oracle environment—making it visible within vROps.

Using the vROps Inventory Tree navigation feature, Oracle admins gain visibility into internal database object relationships as well as external relationships to the virtual layer. The hierarchical structure implicitly shows which databases belong to each instance—and where each Oracle database is hosted—enabling quick drill-downs to root-cause issues.

Figure 1- Example Inventory Tree

Oracle Database Dashboards

When the Management Pack is installed and configured within vROps, seven Oracle Database-specific dashboards are added. Each dashboard provides a different level—or view—of key performance metrics (KPIs), from a high-level overview of the entire Oracle database environment, to specific KPIs and alerts related to an individual resource for deep-dive investigation.

Figure 2 - Oracle DB Overview Dashboard

The dashboards in the Management Pack are:

  • Oracle Overview – Provides an at-a-glance view of an Oracle environment using health-related heatmaps.
  • Oracle Health Investigation – Displays alerts, which can be selected to investigate the KPIs and related resources for the affected object.
  • Oracle on OS – Displays Oracle instance and databases hosted on a particular EP Ops OS, along with key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Oracle on VM – Displays Oracle instance and databases hosted on a particular virtual machine, along with key performance (KPIs).
  • Oracle IOPS – Displays IO stats for an Oracle instance, related virtual machine, and related datastore.
  • Oracle Queries – Displays a ranking of the Top 10 slowest queries for a selected Oracle instance. The dashboard also allows you to select individual queries from the heat map to view performance metrics for the selected query.
  • Oracle Tablespace – Displays heatmaps of available free space for a selected Oracle database and related Tablespaces.

Figure 3 - Oracle Tablespace Dashboard

Oracle Database Capacity & Reporting

The Management Pack also displays Session Capacity Remaining for a selected Oracle instance using the predictive analytics capabilities of the vROps Analysis Badges. An Oracle Session Capacity Report is also available, among five other reports, making it easier to demonstrate and communicate the need to provision more resources to an Oracle environment to your team or management.

Figure 4 - Capacity Badge

Blue Medora’s vROps management packs are a great way to monitor every layer of your infrastructure stack in a unified console. Reach out to the Blue Medora team about the Management Pack for Oracle Database by visiting the True Visibility Suite for VMware vRealize Operations page on Blue Medora’s website.

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