My VMware Portal – I can now add 151 characters description!

Did your ESXi license expired?

Want to check your VMware products evaluation?

Need to give your system administrator the ability to handle with all of these questions?

The new “My VMware” portal is available for a few months now and it’s making my life much easier.

This super-fast licensing portal which is based on Salseforce engine now centralized all your VMware licensing stuff such as order history, contract numbers, serial numbers and more. It has a folder hierarchy, permission mechanism and guess what?! No more 150 characters limit to put your licenses descriptions 🙂

Whether you are an IT manager, system administrator or just a home user evaluating VMware products, you will find this portal very useful!

You can learn more about it and register here:

VMware has also released a great “My VMware” KB index which can be found here:

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