Mesosphere DCOS, Azure, Docker, VMware & Everything Between – Part 6

We have two working DC/OS clusters, one on Azure and another on vSphere – Great progress so far! Now, it’s time deploy Azure Container Registry (ACR) which will be used as a private catalog for our docker images.

This is going to be a VERY short post as deploying ACR takes no more than 5min tops as the process is super straightforward.

Azure Container Registry Deployment

So, let’s get to work and look for ACR in Azure Marketplace. Start the deployment wizard.

For the purpose of this deployment, I created an additional resource group and a dedicated storage account and also enabled the Admin user account.

Less than a minute and I now have my own ACS to store my docker images.

The only thing that is left to prepare before jumping into the next part is a shared storage space which will be accessible by all nodes. This will be used for storing your ACR credentials package file. I found the easiest way is to create a new Azure storage account container (this is basically a folder and not a Docker container so don’t get confused by the terminology) in the same account we created for our Azure Container Registry.

Select the storage account, name and create a new storage account blob container which will be publicly available (read-only).

Like I told you, a very short post and super fast process. In the next post for this series, we will go over the CI/CD flow while deploying docker containers and images all over the place. Stay tuned…

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