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Limit User Access to a Specific vCOps Custom UI Dashboard | I'm All vIRTUAL

Limit User Access to a Specific vCOps Custom UI Dashboard


Following my previous post around integrating the vCOps Custom UI with Active Directory, I had another talk with a fellow teammate about the fact that the process of providing limited view to user for a specific dashboard is not that intuitive. Once again, let’s try to simplify things.

For the purpose of this post, I will be using a test dashboard named QA (the content of this dashboard is irrelevant in this case) 

01. QA DashboardUnder the Admin tab go to Security and create a new Account Group that will include the limited dashboard view users. 

02. Add Group-01

03. Add Group-02By default, a new Account Group is created without any access rights

04. No Access RightsIn my domain, I have pre-populated security group named SG-vCOps-QA-Limited-Users with one QA user

05. Security GroupLike we did in the previous post, import the users from the Active Directory security group to the newly created vCOps Accounts Group

06. Import User

07. Import UserGo back to your dashboard and hit the “SHARE” button on top right corner

08. ShareDrag and drop the dashboard object on the right into the Account Group on the left. Notice how a new dashboard is assigned to the group

09. Share

10. ShareLogin to vCOps Custom UI using the relevant user

11. LoginCongrats, you now have a user with visibility only on the dashboard you shared with him. If you like, you can share more than one dashboard and add more Access Rights to this user vCOps Account Group.

12. Success


  1. Hi Lior, thanks for your post, very useful! However it does not produce any result in my case. When the Operator logs in still sees what it used to see (health, risk, efficiency). I assigned only one dashboard (Datastore space). i did the config in the Admin section of the vcops and assign vcop user role in vCenter server.

  2. If you have shared > 1 dashboard for a client how do you ensure that every time they log on they default to the same dashboard?

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