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Integrating vROps Custom Groups with vSphere Tags | I'm All vIRTUAL

Integrating vROps Custom Groups with vSphere Tags

tagI just love vSphere Tags. I think it’s one of those vSphere features that people don’t use that much – what a shame because when it comes to vROps integration it can come very handy!

Funny, while working on this post one of my Twitter peeps, Grant Orchard put a question out there asking if we can group VMs by tag into a common dashboard in vROps 6.


The answer is yes of course, let me show how…

First, create a new Tag and Tag Category in vCenter. In my case I wanted to capture all my vCenter applications (I only have two of those servers in my lab).

Create a new Tag Category and associate it to a Virtual Machine object type.


Then, go ahead and create a new Tag and assign it with the new category you have just created.


Assign the new Tag to the relevant virtual machines. Like I said, in my case I assigned it to my two vCenter servers VMs and below you can see my management vCenter VM.


That’s all you need to do on the vSphere side. In vROps, go to Custom Groups configurations located under the “Environment” tab. Click the “+” sign to create a new custom group.


Provide a group name, type and policy (and keep the group membership up to date if you like).

The object type for this group will be a “Virtual Machine” which is part of vROps “vCenter Adapter”.

Provide the criteria set configurations:

  1. vSphere Tag is consider a property so choose “Properties”
  2. In the “property” field, select “vSphere Tag” located under “Summary”
  3. Select the “contains” option
  4. The value will be the name of the vSphere Tag you created earlier
  5. Click the “Preview” button to validate you configurations

The end result should look like that:



Select your new group created under “Custom Groups” and go to the “Troubleshooting” tab. As you can see, a new custom group based on vSphere Tag can now be integrated to your vROps custom dashboards  🙂 




  1. awesome! finally a feature I requested a long time ago is builtin to vROps. thanks for sharing it!

  2. FYI, right now vROPs 6 does not pull in vSphere tags for Clusters. This is supposed to be fixed in 6.1 when that comes out later this year.

  3. this is great, did you have any delay between creating your tag and seeing it in vRops? when I created the custom group and did a preview it came up with no data, just wondering if there is a delay?

  4. Worked perfectly from the vSphere Web Client! FYI – Doesn’t appear to work from the “fat” client. Thanks for sharing the procedure

  5. You can have some properties in vra that gets posted to vro powershell that adds tags for you. Not sure on the vRops side but it does have an Api so you may be able to call something during machine provisioned stub.

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