First time a VMware vExpert, Ho behave!


Be selected as a vExpert is such a great honor. Being an active part of the VMware community is rewarding by itself but getting recognized for your contribution is a whole new ball game.
When I started this blog all I wanted was to have some sort of technical archive for myself but rather quickly I was sucked in.
The VMware community is more than just a group of super-technical people. The biggest thing that unites us is our passion for the technology and our desire to share knowledge and experience.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank some of the VMware community guys (the list is too long ) for their positive influence and for giving me the right motivation to keep going. So, thank you Duncan, Frank (Sad to see you leaving VMware mate), Chris, Michael, Nick, Eric, Gabe, Gregg, Scott, Maish and Cody.


With that being said, I’m humbled to be part of VMware vExpert class of 2013.


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