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Dude, where are my vROps XML’s? | I'm All vIRTUAL

Dude, where are my vROps XML’s?


I am a big vROps Interactions XML fan, as a matter of fact I’ve written on this topic a few times before. Now that the vApp structure has changed from 2 to 1 VM, I wasn’t able to find my beloved XML files. So dude, where are my XML’s?

In vROps 5.x, the Interaction XML files could be found under the following: 


As a little extra bonus for this post, let’s first enable ssh access which is disabled by default in vR Ops 6. 

To do that, just open the vR Ops VM console and login as root. By default, there is no root password configured so just hit Enter and provide a new password.



To permanently enable the ssh demon just enter “chkconfig sshd on”.



If all you need is just to enable the service enter “service sshd start”.


So now that we have ssh access enabled, login with the admin account to the vROps VM (WinSCP works every time) and navigate to the location of the Interaction XML files:




Those are the ones that will be available for selection using supported dashboard widgets.


That’s it for this quick one, enjoy  🙂 

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  1. This has been my problem recently. I connected to the vROps machine with WinSCP and deleted a file that I previously uploaded and it was gone, completely. I verified that on SLES level, anyhow it still showed up in the dropdown lists of vROps.

    So to solve this → login with admin privileges and navigate to “Content” > “Manage Metric Config” and expand the folder “ReskndMetric”. There you find the uploaded files (also the ones already deleted). Deleting a file here results in removing it from the surface of vROps completely. Also you can create new ones here and make use of Copy & Paste.

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