Back to School to Become a More “Complete” Cloud Architect

Change is Inevitable, rather if it’s in our personal life or in our career, it will come a time when you will have to adapt. For me, that time has come.

As taken from Charles Darwin’s (that’s him in the featured image for this post) Natural Selection theory, here is the definition of evolution:

“The process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms during the history of the earth.”

I have been a pure hardcore virtualization guy as long as I remember. I own a lot to the technology and the people around it, the vCommunity and the VCDX program. It has thought me so many things – IT process and lifecycle, architecture, conceptual, logical and physical construct, tech to business correlation, network and security, storage, compute, ops, business continuity and so much more.

Before moving forward with this post, I encourage you to read a couple of additional blog posts which might give you a bit more context. The first one is my very own post on Keep Calm and Embrace the Suck and the second one is by Jonathan Frappier around becoming full stack engineer. I also highly recommend you to go over the vBrownBag DevOps Track, so many good stuff in there!

I believe that during his or her professional career, every architect will have at least one defining project. For me, that project has started 2.5 years ago and ended when I got my VCDX. This project exposed me to the evolution the industry we are living in is going through. Buzz words like DevOps, Continues Integration & Delivery, Puppet, Jenkins, etc. have become reality.

This has even got more real in the past year since I started working at Microsoft and on the Azure platform. Looking at what my customers are doing and my fellow architects are capable of really opened my eyes. Git, Source Control, pipelines, Docker, Ansible, Apache Mesos and many other terms and technologies, all became part of my day to day conversations with my peers and customers.

What’s my point you might ask?! Well, there is no real point but I just wanted to share with my readers that I’ve decided to go back to school. Starting January 30th, I will begin a 14-month old school frontal .NET Full Stack Developers course at one of local colleges here in Israel. The syllabus is massive and holds 560hr of SW development goodies! add the home assignments and practice to the mix and you will find yourself standing in front of a beast.

I was never a coder, pure automation guy or a DevOps architect. I do know a thing or two but it’s time to level up my game. After achieving some of the hardest certs the IT industry has to offer, going back to Charles Darwin, this is my evolution. I’m still not sure how all of this will play out and impact my career but I’m pretty optimistic (and a bit scared) about it. The goal is not to become a SW developer (I think…) but to be able to not just to talk the talk but also walk the walk when it comes to software understanding, product management, application lifecycle, code and real DevOps conversations and ultimately become a more “complete” cloud architect.

As always, hit me up on Twitter or wherever, share your thoughts and don’t be afraid to take your next career leap of faith.


  1. Interesting post and good luck. Being that your part of the Azure team now, what are some of the most popular use cases you’re seeing enterprises adopt/use within the Azure platform?

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