CloudPhysics Knowledge Base Advisor – no more playing catch with KB’s

catchA few months ago, I got familiar with the brilliant job the folks at CloudPhysics are doing. Knowledge Base Advisor is the latest new feature which will analyze your environment for potential risks and hazards.

In large, hybrid and complex environments with lots of components and different hardware vendors to deal with, one of the most important things is to get eyes on all things.

But what if the environment is too large for one set of eyes?!


Knowledge Base Advisor is a great feature for VMware admins as it scans the infrastructure for warnings and errors. CloudPhysics are using the virtualization community and the different vendors to match the discovered issues to VMware online KBs which are available for all.

The analytic engine behind the scenes is doing all the heavy lifting so eventually you are getting a dashboard with all the KB’s related issues found in your environment with links attached to it.

There are all sorts of filtering options like keyword and severity which make this feature super easy to navigate.


The best thing about the KB Advisor in my opinion is that it’s targeted to the VI admin and the fact that the concept of “keep it simple” is shown right out-of-the-box.

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