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cloudphysics_logo_v6_sHello everyone,

For those of you who are not familiar with CloudPhysics it is one of those products that can give your customers that extra boost they need in terms of environment info and Data Center analytics.

Let’s start with the basics, CloudPhysics is based on the concept of a use-case and problem-based look at vSphere Operations Management. Users can choose among many cards which give them actionable answers to challenges they have in their daily lives. The cards include Data Center information gathered from an “Observer” virtual appliance deployed in the infrastructure and from there the information is uploaded securely to CloudPhysics servers. It’s important to emphasize that are no active infrastructure actions possible with the product – it’s informational only!

I keep mentioning the Data Center information involved – so what kind of information we are talking about here?! well, a lot !

You can watch for a big ass snapshots, vMotion history, datastore utilization, which VM has limits and reservation and many more.

The coolest feature by far in my opinion is the “HA Simulation” community card. It lets you simulate and play with admission control policy and VM’s limits and reservations so now if you are asked to perform a quick capacity planing you can do it in seconds – check this one out!

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One more great card which is currently in testing mode and offered to interested customers by invitation only, is the “Datastore Contention” card. At the moment, the card providing 4 different storage performance metrics for which datastore you select – Latency (ms),  Outstanding IOs, IOPS (io/s) and Bandwidth (Kb/s). I have spoken with the guys at CloudPhysics and provided them with my feedback on that one, like I said it’s quite a cool card.

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CloudPhysics is quite impressive, this company has been around for not that long now but they have managed to come up with this refreshing service with a huge potential in providing Data Center and cloud environments analytics. I’m strongly recommending you try it out.


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