Classic VM (ASM) to ARM Using Azure Site Recovery (ASR) V2 – Part 6: Unplanned Failover

Now that we have our north Europe Classic VM replicated to west Europe storage account, it is time to hit the unplanned failover button and see what’s happening.

In the previous parts for this series:

Before starting the failover to the other side, we need to map both the compute and the network resources for the ARM VM that will get created at the end of this process.

In the Vault management interface, go to the replicated items section and select the VM.


Next, change the VM name, select the VNet and the subnet.

Bug Alert 1: In my case the original Classic VM configured as D2_V2 and I would like it to stay the same once it will “transform” to an ARM VM. As for the time of writing this post, I wasn’t able to change the VM size.  In the next post I will share with you a PowerShell script which will resize the VM.


Bug Alert 2: During my testing, I’ve discovered that the option of shutting down the VM as part of the process do not work smoothly so before executing the unplanned failover, perform manual VM shutdown.

That’s it, you can hit the “big red button”!


What will happen next is that the Vault will deploy a new ARM VM on top of the replicated VHD file.


There some small caveats to that which we will fix in next and FINAL part for this series.

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