Dude, where are my vROps XML’s?

16/12/2014 Lior Kamrat 1

I am a big vROps Interactions XML fan, as a matter of fact I’ve written on this topic a few times before. Now that the vApp structure has changed from 2 to 1 VM, I wasn’t able to find my beloved XML files. So dude, where are my XML’s?

Create vROps HA Cluster

17/11/2014 Lior Kamrat 2

vRealize Operations Manager 6 brings new high availability options to the table and has several deployment modes. In this 2-part series I will show you how to create a 2-node vROps High Availability Cluster mode cluster and put it behind a vShield Edge Load Balancer.

vCOps to vROps Migration

14/11/2014 Lior Kamrat 7

With vROps just around the corner, I am getting a lot of questions around how the migration of all that hard work that was done in vCenter Operation Manager 5.x to vRealize Operations 6 will work. Well, quite easily.

Brazil 2014 World Cup vCOps Edition

10/06/2014 Lior Kamrat 1

Well, this post is all about pure fun and doing stupid things with smart products. Although I’m not that of soccer fan I’ve decided to accept the challenge and help all the VI admins soccer puppies out there.

vCloud OvDC Admin vCOps Custom Dashboard – Part 5

23/05/2014 Lior Kamrat 0

In part 4 of this series we have finished laying down the Super Metrics infrastructure for the OvDC Admin Custom Dashboard. Custom Groups is a powerful feature within vCOps. Having said that, I will use it in order to dynamically grouping the OvDC resources.

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