Azure & VMware NSX Cloud – What’s that all about?

Being an “open” company does not just mean embrace open-source solutions. It’s also meant to be open and listen to our partners with VMware being one of them. Recently, we joined arms on the NSX space which is kinda exciting! 

The world of NSX is no longer “getting bigger”, it already is. VMware NSX Data Center has become a force in the private cloud world, providing many advanced solutions for logical routing & switching, distributed firewall, VM security policy consistency with central management and many more. 

Recently, NSX-T Data Center 2.2.0 was announced. With this release, VMware introduced a number of new features for on-premise deployments as well as the ability to manage and deploy NSX security policy on Microsoft Azure-based workloads as part of the NSX Cloud product. Enabling management of network security in a single view is key towards the real hybrid cloud.  

NSX Cloud delivers a new model for multi-cloud network management while working on achieving consistent networking and security for applications running natively in the public cloud, across multiple public clouds. Together with NSX Data Center, operators get one single view of the networking services and security policies that are applied to all workloads, whether that’s a virtual machine running in the private data center as many do today, or an Azure workload they’ve added.

Recently, I had the pleasure to be VMware’s webinar guest around NSX Cloud with Azure. I highly recommend you grab a sit and tune in. This will help you get familiar with the platform!

Stay tuned for more capabilities and features,


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