Azure Marketplace Test Drives

A new Azure Marketplace feature has come to life called “Test Drives”. This will give you the opportunity to deploy and play with some applications on Azure for a limited amount of time (2hr) without the need to open an Azure subscription or give your credit card details. In order to start playing with this thing, go to
As you can see, there is still a limited amount of ISVs to join the party, but I am sure this will change in the near future.

The deployment process is very straight forward. You select which product you want to take for a test drive, Azure will deploy it and will provide you with all the details you need in order to start via email.

Now you already know that nothing is free in this world so you will have to agree to terms stating that in order to use the application Microsoft will share your email with a sales person – just saying… 🙂

The deployment will start and after few minutes, you will get all the details trough your email and via the portal.

So there you have it. A quick and dirty PoC like environment to test some stuff. I hope that the 2hr window will get bigger soon and for other ISVs will join the program.

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