Azure DevTest Labs Multiple Instances & Shared IP

Azure DevTest Labs solution is a nice one. During the past year or so, I have been working with it I noticed that the number of improvements added to DevTest is good. I wanted to bring your attention to a couple of new features in the platform – Multiple Instances Deployment and Shared IP.

Multiple Instances Deployment

The main purpose of DevTest Labs is to provide an autonomous environment for a user/s to work with. One of the main use-cases that I am seeing with customers is the ability to provide a full disposable dev environment to play with. Creating the VMs, deploy some artifacts and code, test it, commit and delete it.

Now, with multiple instances, you can now deploy multiple VMs (rather Azure Marketplace VMs or your own baseline image) in one shot. For me, this is pretty handy.

VM Shared IP

The Shared IP feature allows for DevTest VMs to be deployed with a Private IP but to be configured behind a NAT rule in order to allow SSH or RDP session to be established.

Basically, what will happen behind the scenes is that an Azure Load Balancer will be deployed. This will allow all the VMs (which now be a part of an Availability Set) to share the same public IP but to be reachable via inbound NAT rules.

Notice how there are both Backend and Frontend pools for allowing the NATing.

You will also notice that in the DevTest VM Overview screen, you can see this VM is behind a NAT rule.

To sums this up, two new cool features for you to leverage. One is good for automation scenarios and the other one to save some public IP address.

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