Azure Active Directory Services as-a-Service – Delete Directory

In the previous posts I showed you how to deploy Azure Active Directory Services as a Service. Rather you did this just for fun or for a PoC, there is always the possibility to undo and delete the domain.

You might ask yourself how come I need to write a post on this while all I need to do is just hitting the “big red” delete button.


The problem with that is you will get the following warning message:


Looks pretty straight forward right?! Just delete the non-default users and disable the Domain Services for the domain. Let’s go ahead and disable the service first.


Next, delete the non-default users. Those will be the ones sourced from Microsoft Azure Active Directory.


Now you can continue and successfully delete the domain.


That’s it, you now have your Azure Active Directory domains back to it’s original state, nice and easy :-).


A bit of troubleshooting…

In case get the following warning message when trying to delete your directory, you need to “detach” the domain from your subscription prior to the deletion (and delete the users like we showed earlier).


To do that, go to the Subscriptions menu and enter the “Manage subscriptions/directory” section.


Edit your subscription. By default, the directory that is currently not in use will be selected – this is a good thing as we want to attach the default directory to our subscription (and by doing so, “detaching” the new one).



44 45

Wait for the Azure to get reloaded and delete the directory you have created, that’s it.

Hope you enjoy this 3-part series, it sure was fun to play with some cool Azure PaaS capabilities :-).

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