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70 days in Microsoft Azure R&D | I'm All vIRTUAL

70 days in Microsoft Azure R&D

So it’s been quite a while since I blogged, the longest “dry season” for me since starting. Why is that?! Well, I kinda flipped my life with moving to the US and becoming a program manager in Azure Compute R&D. 

It’s is now been 70 days in the new role where I am working on Azure integration with VMware technologies such as Horizon Cloud and NSX Cloud. I am also acting as the Sr. PM for our “bigger picture” offerings with VMware. This is something that I am very passionate about but unfortunately yet unable to talk about outside Microsoft. 

The ride thus far has been amazing! The new role is giving me the platform to make a real impact and bring value to our customers. I think the biggest thing about this role is it showing me literally every day how big Azure is behind the scenes and how many moving pieces there are to this puzzle. I mean, this is a big ass beast. I get a chance to leverage my architecture skills for both Azure and VMware, talking with our largest customers, decide on roadmap, features and datacenters rollout, work with our field and partners and learn what it’s actually mean to be a PM in Microsoft R&D organization. I truly believe that Azure Compute is the pumping heart of our public cloud platform.

Being working with VMware tech inside of Microsoft is interesting. For some people, it still sounds unnatural but if you are following the new Microsoft you will realize it’s really not. Being “open” doesn’t only mean “open source”, it also means embracing all relevant technologies out there and with VMware being defacto the virtualization platform for on-premises datacenters, only makes sense. 

Another cool part is that I get to work with VMware R&D as well which is also fun. Getting the visibility helps me better understand where VMware is headed, how they interact with the outside world. More importantly, I doing a lot of work on trying to make the relationships between the two companies to be better and more productive. There is so much we can do together and I’m humbled to take an important part of it.

Look, it’s not a secret Microsoft, AWS and GCP are leading the “Cloud Wars” motion. Yes, VMWonAWS is ahead BUT it’s not flawless. There is room for differentiation and this is where I’m trying to make an impact. I hope I will be able to share more soon, real soon. 

That’s it for this post. I didn’t mean for It to be a technical one but I wanted to share my experience with my new life with the VMware and the Microsoft community. If you are heading to VMworld I will be there, reach out and say Hi. I will also be talking about what’s new with VMware Horizon Cloud on Azure. 

Keep on dreaming, 



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