VMware on Azure – Wait, What, VMWonAzure?!

There are some announcements that make you feel like a kid again! about two hours ago, Microsoft announced the “Transforming your VMware environment with Microsoft Azure” program. This is our way to show VMware customers that there is another way, there are more options and that Azure is that cool!

You know, it is been a wild couple of years here at Microsoft. From the moment I stepped in, my VMware background was always something I had to handle – for better and for worst. The VMware tech is close to my heart, no secrets here. No matter what they say, yeah, I am a VMware guy but it’s been for a while that I am a freaking Microsoft guy as well!

This announcement shows that Microsoft knows it’s Azure customers, their dependencies, constraints and business requirements. In the not so far future, we will be able to use VMware virtualization on Azure, a bare-metal solution that runs the full VMware stack on Azure hardware. How cool is that?!

I hope to share more details soon, real soon.

Go #VMWonAzure!!!

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