VCDX Operation Double Completed

It is being exactly 4 months since I was able to achieve my VCDX-CMA cert and now I can finally say that I am a double VCDX with my newly mint VCDX-DCV cert – what a great feeling!

Once again, I defended remotely. I have to say that the second, one-hour defense went beautifully! I felt good, confident and that the panelists get me.

For me, the way of doing this was very straight forward. When I worked on my design along with my good friend Omer Kushmaro, it had both the vCloud Director and vSphere stacks written in a very comprehensive way. For me, writing a private cloud design based on vCD without the vSphere stuff didn’t make any sense. Page after page, section by section, the main architecture document was more than 300pg long but it had everything a solid vCloud Director design needs.

Now, back then I only focused on prepping for a CMA defense but I knew I also have a solid DCV potential here. During the prep for the second CMA defense (after failing the first one) I told myself that I am shooting for the double.

So, what do you, the potential candidate can take from this? Well, two things:

Most doubles and triples VCDXs who holds DCV and CMA/NV/DTM certs did the DCV followed by the other track. This makes sense BUT for me, I felt more comfortable shooting for the CMA first. If you are shooting for a double, (and I know it’s hard thinking about it when you’re trying to achieve the first one), write a design which will include all relevant stacks. Don’t write it just because you need to, write it in a way that will make you know all design parts by heart – remember, at the end, everything is built on top of vSphere.

Second, DO NOT GIVE UP! Let’s try this again: DO NOT GIVE UP! You can read all about my journey here but the main point is that this thing is achievable if you want it!

With that, my VCDX journey has come to an end. I will continue to contribute, mentor and share the knowledge but for now, I don’t see myself shooting for the 3rd one.
On a personal note, next week, myself and my beautiful wife are going on a looooong waited vacation in Argentina and Chile. We will be traveling for 32 days and I just can’t wait, it’s going to be EPIC! I also heard that the meat over there is insane.


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