Starting a new chapter in my career and joining VMware

mothershipAfter using VMware products for the last 8 years, from Workstation through GSX to vCloud and beyond, I’m excited and very humble that the “mothership” noticed my work here on earth and called me to her service.

I will be starting July this year in VMware Israel Professional Services group as a PSO consultant.

After filling the role of Better Place virtualization infrastructure architect for almost 3-years and doing VMware consulting projects for several companies in Israel, it is the time for me to move to the next big thing.

Working for VMware was a dream of mine for the last 5 years and I was lucky enough to be selected to this talented group of people.


  1. is the Working on VMWARE is a good career.
    i am working as a system admin,
    is the VMware is needed for me,
    if needed, how much knowledge is good?

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