Azure Active Directory Services as-a-Service – Prerequisites

07/03/2016 Lior Kamrat 0

I have to say, since joining Microsoft I talk “as-a-Service” almost every day. Among all of the cool PaaS capabilities you will find Azure Active Directory (AAD). Before diving in, let’s all be on the same page here – I’m not going to deploy any domain controller or run DCPROMO on a VM god forbidden, it is all about the PaaS ladies and gents  🙂 .

Azure VM Backup – Yes we can!

01/02/2016 Lior Kamrat 0

I guess it was just a matter of time for me to write my first “Azure” post since I’ve joined Microsoft. As I am starting to dig my way through the platform and exploring BC/DR related areas, I am very happy with how easy it is to perform Azure VM backup and restore with no 3rd parties what so ever. A bit of background… So you have an Azure VM up and running, that’s nice but just the fact it’s in the cloud doesn’t mean you have a backup for it. The nice thing about Azure VM backup and restore [Read More]

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