CloudPhysics Knowledge Base Advisor – no more playing catch with KB’s

03/08/2013 Lior Kamrat 0

A few months ago, I got familiar with the brilliant job the folks at CloudPhysics are doing. Knowledge Base Advisor is the latest new feature which will analyze your environment for potential risks and hazards. In large, hybrid and complex environments with lots of components and different hardware vendors to deal with, one of the most important things is to get eyes on all things. But what if the environment is too large for one set of eyes?!

Playing with NetApp Data ONTAP Edge

07/07/2013 Lior Kamrat 5

Last week I’ve started to build my new home lab. Unfortunately I still haven’t got any shared storage device in place, only a 500GB SATA direct-attached hard-drives. For the last 3-years I was surrounded by NetApp’s technologies and although I wasn’t the actual storage guy at the site, taking NetApp Edge virtual storage appliance for a ride was the obvious thing for me to do.

Starting a new chapter in my career and joining VMware

30/06/2013 Lior Kamrat 7

After using VMware products for the last 8 years, from Workstation through GSX to vCloud and beyond, I’m excited and very humble that the “mothership” noticed my work here on earth and called me to her service. I will be starting July this year in VMware Israel Professional Services group as a PSO consultant. After filling the role of Better Place virtualization infrastructure architect for almost 3-years and doing VMware consulting projects for several companies in Israel, it is the time for me to move to the next big thing. Working for VMware was a dream of mine for the [Read More]

Using Linked Clones outside your View Fish Tank

07/06/2013 Lior Kamrat 9

Last week I had a conversation with one of my customers who asked me if I know some good, fast, modular way for provisioning around 20-25 VMs for a lab environment. The first thing I asked was “what are you using today?” So he opened his vSphere Client and showed me how he is using NetApp Rapid Clone Utility (RCU) to deploy the VMs. The problem with the RCU is that it isn’t elastic and modular enough although using it is great for gaining fast provisioning. You can watch a few YouTube videos here. I’ve decided to write a PowerCLI deployment [Read More]

First time a VMware vExpert, Ho behave!

29/05/2013 Lior Kamrat 1

Be selected as a vExpert is such a great honor. Being an active part of the VMware community is rewarding by itself but getting recognized for your contribution is a whole new ball game. When I started this blog all I wanted was to have some sort of technical archive for myself but rather quickly I was sucked in. The VMware community is more than just a group of super-technical people. The biggest thing that unites us is our passion for the technology and our desire to share knowledge and experience.   I would like to take the opportunity to [Read More]

Connect to a Random VMware View Desktop Pool Using PowerCLI

18/04/2013 Lior Kamrat 0

Last week I had a conversation with one of my team mates  We were asked to provide a way for a VDI user to connect to a random VMware View desktop (floating) pool automatically each time a desktop is needed. I’ve created a PowerCLI script which will provide a way for a random pool selection from the user’s pool assignment. The only prerequisite for this to work is that the View administrator will grant user pool permissions up-front. [sourcecode language=”powershell”] #Random View Desktop Pool Connection #Created for: #Created by: Lior Kamrat #Created on: 16/04/2013 #Map VMware View Connection Server and desktop [Read More]

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